December 28, 2012 Tim Carpenter

New Internet Explorer 10 Review

The New Internet Explorer 10

With the release of the new Internet Explorer 10 you might be left wondering what all new features the browser has under its hood. I will cover some of the more common known features, but also delve into some of the lesser known features of the new Internet Explorer 10 browser and explain why it is the best Internet Explorer yet.

The New Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

1Touch Ready

The new Internet Explorer 10 includes some great functionality for touch screen users. Users can now enjoy a full screen touch browser that they can easily swipe on their tablet to the next page with out zooming in to hit the tinynext button with the new Flip Ahead feature. You can rest assured you can use multi touch on IE10 as well!

2Fastest Browser Yet

The new IE10 browser boasts some of the fastest load times yet. There are many websites boasting fastest times yet on Robohornet with Internet Explorer 10, beating out the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox! Read more about these tests.

3Best HTML5 Support Yet

The new Internet Explorer 10 blows IE9 out of the water on HTML5 test. Internet Explorer 9 only scored a 138 while IE10 scores a 320, not far behind other leading browsers! A major improvement!

Browser Score Bonus
Maxthon 3.4.5 457 15
Chrome 23 » 448 13
Opera 12.10 » 419 9
Firefox 17 » 392 10
Safari 6.0 » 378 8
Internet Explorer 10 » 320 6

4More CSS3 Support

The new Internet Explorer 10 has been playing catch up on the CSS3 support, so designers can rejoice! You can expect support for:

Topic Description
CSS3 3-D Transforms Translate, rotate, and scale elements in both 2-D and 3-D space.
CSS3 Animations Animate elements by automatically varying CSS properties smoothly over time.
CSS3 Fonts Access advanced typographic features in OpenType fonts that include them.
CSS3 Gradients Add color gradients to any property that accepts images.
CSS3 Transitions Create simple animations by smoothly changing CSS property values from a start value to an end value.
CSS3 Text Apply a drop shadow to text, or automatically hyphenate blocks of text.

5No More Stylesheet Limit

The outdated stylesheet limit for IE9 is no more! The new Internet Explorer 10 will now allow unlimited stylesheets just as all other competing browsers. Normally the limit of 31 stylesheets was not a problem unless you were on a CMS like WordPress, in which many of your plugins have their own stylesheet. No longer will Internet Explorer stop loading stylesheets for you website leaving you wondering why things are not working!


All in all, IE10 looks to be a solid browser and is finally bringing homogenization to all browsers with CSS/HTML support. No longer will developers sneer at issues for IE support, and no longer will the users view broken websites online. The new Internet Explorer is an amazing browser, and I encourage you to dust off Internet Explorer and give it a shot!

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