Website Maintenance

We can teach you how to update the website you currently have or the website we created for you. We do not force you to buy a maintenance package or pay us hourly to do this for you month after month. If you have the time to learn, we can teach you.

If you find something interesting on another website that you like, we can implement it on your website as well.

This includes:

Contact Forms – This allows your customer to contact you via your website. A quick and easy way to capture interest or answer questions without forcing the customer to call you over the phone.

Articles – Keeping your viewers up to date with the latest news of your website is always important, and this helps your search engine optimization. Keep your viewers in the loop!

Maps – Let your customers know where you are located by adding a map to your contact page. This would allow them to get directions right on your website rather than having the hassle of going elsewhere!

Photo Galleries – Let us add a photo gallery to your website to display images in a clean and orderly fashion. Or if you wish to have things spiced up with something extravagant, we can do that as well!

Forums – This would let your viewers talk among each other or with you in a convenience setup where a community can grow. This is a very attractive addition to any social website.

Blog – We can integrate a blog system into your website that lets you put in images and text as you need to, this is also great for search engine optimization. This service has been growing rapidly as Google favors websites with fresh content over old stale websites that are never changing or getting updated.

News – Let us add a news section to your website that can be updated with text and images. Keep your viewers in the loop!

Facebook/Twitter Integration – We will put links to your social media sites on your website and even put in feeds from your social media sites. This lets your viewers stay in touch with what you are doing and like your pages.

News – We can integrate a newsletter system into your website that allows for capturing emails that you an send bulk emails to. This would let you contact all of your subscribers at once with the latest and greatest news with your website.

Login Areas – Keep your members separate from your viewers with a login structure for your website. This has many uses, and is great for allowing different viewers to view different content based on their access level.

Online Appointments – We will add the functionality of a contact form that will allow people to sign up for an appointment on your website. This will also track against current appointments so that there is no overlap. We can also allow multiple appointments to be made with multiple people.

Google Analytics – Now that people are viewing your website, let us set up Google Analytics so that you can track where your viewers are coming from and where to target next.

Please inquire today by calling us today at 513-240-6678 or filling out the form on the right.

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